Dog Laughs (en)

Hey Mr. Hollywood

  • This image is a cover for the Dog Laughs comic strip created by Gordon Bagshaw, titled 'Hey Mr. Hollywood'. Gord with his cane and his sheltie puppy, George, stand on a red carpet like the one you might see at the Oscars. This covers leads to a sequence of 3 images plus a poster for the upcoming comic strip launch. Panel 1: George pees on Gord's shoes on the red carpet. Panel 2: Gord is shocked to see his puppy do this. Panel 3: George walks away while saying something. To hear the dialogue between Gord and George his sheltie puppy you can move through the following 3 panels."
  • Panel 1 of 3 George, the sheltie puppy, while peeing on Gord's shoes says, And the winner of the golden award is...
  • Panel 2 of 3 George continues to pee on Gord's shoes. Gord is shocked and shouts the puppy's name, George!?
  • Panel 3 of 3 After peeing on Gord's shoes, he starts walking away while saying, Nah Buddy, I'm just the presenter. This is your moment to shine.
  • Poster image for the comic strip Dog Laughs The sheltie puppy is walking through very tall grass. It says Dog Laughs presents George. He's making his mark on March 23rd, International Puppy Day

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