Frodo the Sheltie : A Change of Heart

Frodo the Sheltie (a dog comic strip). Title: A Change of Heart. Scene:... Wendy is lying down under a blanket. She is not feeling well. Raquel is trying to give her medicine which is buried in a treat. Frodo is watching this with jealousy… Raquel bends down extending the treat to Wendy saying, “Wendy girl, mommy’s got a treat for you… Frodo steps forward and snaps, “Hey, what about me?”… To which Raquel replies, “No boy, it’s for Wendy.”… Sulking with head down Frodo says, “Man, what’s a guy gotta do to get a little attention?”… Raquel then explains, “It’s medicine.”… Frodo pauses, thinking of an exit plan… and then says, “Right, mother-daughter moment, say no more. I’ll be in the other room hiding in the dark.”

FRODO: Hey what about me? Oh wait a minute…


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