Frodo the Sheltie : À La Carte

Frodo the Sheltie ( a dog comic strip). Title: À La Carte. Scene: Raquel and Gord are sitting at the kitchen table where they are enjoying an exquisite dinner that Raquel has prepared. Frodo and Wendy are eating from their dog bowls below the table while eavesdropping on the dinner conversation… Gord says in pure delight, “My goodness, this is fantastic. Is it a new recipe?… Raquel replies, “Yeah, I made it from scratch for the first time today… Gord munching away says, “Well…love, it’s absolutely delicious”… Upon hearing this, Frodo stares down at his dog food in utter confusion and disbelief. Then he turns to Wendy and says, “Can you believe he fell for that hook line and sinker?… Looking at his bowl once again, he says through his tears of laughter, “From scratch? C’mon…this is totally store-bought.”

FRODO: this is not from scratch.


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