About Frodo

About Frodo the Sheltie

Frodo the Sheltie was born out of some fun interaction I was sharing with friends on Facebook. When Frodo was just a wee pup, I used to post little dialogues between him and me which I had called, Conversations with Frodo, or sometimes, Frodo Quotes. During this time a dear friend once said, “I feel like drawing your dog whenever I read your comments about him.”  So I thought to myself, ‘Wait, I know how to draw.’

After a number of failed attempts to get the look I hoped for, Frodo the Sheltie comic strip debut on October 29th, 2012. What I’ve personally enjoyed about this imaginative journey with Frodo, Wendy and their buddies, is that many of the comic strips come out of real situations added with a pinch of creative license. What’s more, the interactions and connections with people from around the world who love their fur kids continue to be a true highlight in my life.

“Frodo the Sheltie” has been read online in over 120 countries and featured in Global Shelties Magazine (GSM), as well as have been a contributor on the I Love My Sheltie Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone for following the comic strip over the years and for continuing to share in the laughter.

Gordon Bagshaw


14 thoughts on “About Frodo

  1. I was walking one day in North Bay and a dog walker was headed my way. She was having a terrible time trying to control her sheepdog. When I stopped to commiserate with her, she explained that as far as they could figure out the dog (with strong herding instincts) was taken to herding cars.
    That is why the walk was so difficult. The dog was trying to get on the road to round up the cars!!!LOL Brenda

  2. Gord, I love the way you put him in front of the mirror with the cartoon as the reflection!!! It looks so cool!!!! Proud of you, bro, keep it up!

    1. Thank you Laura for your kind words. I’m always happy to hear from people and learn of their enjoyment of the comic strip. Thanks for sharing and following along. Have a great day. Gord

  3. I am delighted to have found Frodo’s sheltie world! Our family is on our third female sable (Shugerr, Amanda and Alexandra) these girls have been the loves of our lives; there truly is no other breed of dog for us:) Absolutely love the unique and darling manner of illustration that catches the sheltie spirit! Best from California:)

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