Frodo the Sheltie : 1984 (Big Brother)

Frodo the Sheltie ( a dog comic strip). Title: 1984 (Big Brother) Scene: Gord, Frodo, and Nina are standing in a room where Gord is training Frodo with a clicker. Gord says, “Frodo, sit boy!”… click click click… Frodo says, “Today, it's clickers and you telling me to sit. Tomorrow, it will be 2+2=5. I’ve had it with your totalitarian ways!”… Gord replies, "But, I have biscuits!”… click click click… Frodo then looks up with love in his eyes as he says, “I love you!”… Nina then turns to Frodo and says, “Way to stick it to the man!”

FRODO: 2+2=5? I Don’t think so.
NINA: Stick it to the man


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