Frodo’s Free Coloring Pages

New coloring pages are added to this page for you to download for the kids in your life, or the kid inside you.  Put the name of the artist, age and country. You can take a picture of the artwork and email it to me at  The colorful artwork will appear in Frodo’s Facebook and the new page titled: Frodo’s Little Artists, on the comic strip blog.


1) click on an image below

2) click in the image description: Open PDF file here to download





8 thoughts on “Frodo’s Free Coloring Pages

  1. Hi Gordon! How do I print these so that they take a full 8″ x 11″? When I right click on the image and select print it prints then about a 4″ x 6″ size.

    1. Hi Karen, for each of the coloring pages there is a pdf link. you need to copy the link found the descriptions and then paste in the web address bar. Sorry it’s a little confusing. if you still have trouble let me know.

  2. Thanks Gordon, I was able to print them full sized in an other way. I saved each picture then was able to put them in my “picture ” folder and print them as a picture with custom sizing options. They look great my daughter (and I) look forward to coloring them.

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