Frodo The Sheltie : Lost In The Rough

Frodo the Sheltie, a dog comic strip; title: Lost In The Rough… Scene… Raquel and Frodo are standing in the yard playing fetch. Raquel throws the ball a fairly good distance and says with Excitement, “Go get the ball! Go get it!”… Without hesitation Frodo dashes full throttle across the lawn, feeling the wind in his face… After running a good while, he comes to a full stop to scope the area in search of the ball… Raquel shouts out, “Do you see it? It’s right there!… C’mon boy, you can do it…It’s Right there… Frodo is baffled by the missing ball, which is in fact right below his belly unbeknownst to him… Frodo, thinks this is some kind of practical joke and shouts back, “Okay, This isn’t funny anymore. Where is it?”

RAQUEL: It’s right there!
FRODO: This isn’t funny anymore. Where is it?


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