Frodo The Sheltie : Scuba

Frodo the Sheltie; a dog comic strip: title: Scuba… This particular comic strip doesn’t have any dialogue. The scenes are broken up into two panels. The first panel we see a large bulldog named Baiana, heading outside, followed by our sheltie-friend Frodo, and Nina, a miniature pinscher. The three of them are about to enjoy a lovely winter walk through fairly deep snow. Now what immediately catches our attention in the first panel is Nina, the little one, is wearing scuba gear. This seems puzzling, given that it’s the dead of winter, but it all makes sense in the second panel where we only see the tip of Nina’s ears peering through the snow bank. Clearly the scuba gear is helping her since she is fully immersed in the snow.

Who where’s scuba gear in the dead of winter? Nina does.


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